5 Things You Need To Know About Glaucoma

Vision is important for all aged people. Does not matter if we are talking a small child or an old person. Without vision, you become dependent on others. This is the worst feeling you could ever have. Some people, as they grow, start losing eyesight. There can be many reasons for the same but one of the most dangerous ones is glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a fluid which creates pressure on your eye and damages the optic nerve. These are those nerves which transfer the visual images to the brain. If visual images are stopped from transferring, then you basically lose your eyesight.

What are the risk factors of glaucoma?

The risk chances of this problem are very high. People who have aged more than 60 can be effected easily and in Africa and America, the common age has lowered to that of 40 years old. Sometimes people face the problem because of genetics too. You should confirm with your family if anyone in your predecessors was known to have this issue and consult your doctor regarding the same immediately.

What are the common symptoms of glaucoma?

When we talk about the symptoms of this problem, you will find that the facts state- there are no unnatural symptoms observes until the problem becomes very serious. Later, when detected this can cause you many problems such as

  • You will face very severe vision problems
  • Another thing which you will feel is pain in your eyes
  • You can also face problems like blurred vision at the initial stage

What are the treatments for glaucoma?

Now you might be thinking about the solutions to this problem. The simple and common solution to this problem is- eye drops. If this works, then that is great otherwise you will need to get a laser treatment which will help you in managing the pressure of the fluid.

How is glaucoma diagnosed?

If you wish to get glaucoma diagnosed at the earliest stage possible then you need to get a full eye check-up done with dilation. In these processes, you need to go through the complete eye exams.

Glaucoma can be the most severe problem for you to handle. To be protected from it, you need to get eye check-ups done on a regular basis. You need an expert like Falcon Vision Centre, who can provide you with full guidance regarding the same.

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