5 Tips for first time contact lens wearers

Have you been thinking about getting a contact lens? Well, you should stop thinking and get yourself a pair after having visited an expert like Falcon Vision Center.

People who have been wearing glasses for years and are not willing to undergo a surgery, may count contact lenses as a boon for their eyes. Contact lenses make your life simpler by eradicating the excess wait always resting on your nose and at the same time, they increase the radius of your visible clear vision.

Hence, if you are willing to take up contact lenses in the near or distant future, here are a few pro tips to ensure you contact lens wearing experience in seamless:


First and foremost – you will have to learn how to stay relaxed. As a matter of fact, if your nerves get the better of you, you will find it extremely difficult to both wear and take out your contact lenses.

Contact lenses sit right upon your pupil. Although they are designed to be extremely comfortable, if not worn properly, they may cause irritation in your eyes. Hence, learn to stay calm since wearing contact lenses is no big deal.

Keep lenses clean

When you buy your contact lenses, you should also buy a lens cleaner, usually of the same brand. Then, before wearing your contact lenses every day, make sure you are cleaning them and only then wearing them. Even contact lenses can catch dust particles which may cause irritation later on. Hence, always clean your lenses before wearing them.


This may seem counterintuitive – but stay hydrated. Staying hydrated obviously has multiple health benefits, but it ensures your vision feel fresh round the clock. If you get dehydrated, your eyes may feel a bit dry and the lenses may cause irritation. Hence, if you plan to wear lenses in the longer run, make a habit to stay hydrated.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations

If you are wearing contact lenses for the very first time, your doctor will give you a definitive set of instructions on how to wear them, clean them and maintain them. Follow these instructions by all means.

Adhere to the prescribed wearing and replacement schedule

Finally – the contact lenses have a life ranging from disposable ones, monthly pairs and six monthly pairs. Never ever wear a lens beyond its lifetime.

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