Is Vuity The Miracle Cure Everyone Says It Is?

Many people have heard that they can see distance and near without using those awful bifocal lenses due to a new miracle named Vuity.

Before we celebrate, let’s take a step back and discuss what Vuity is actually trying to treat. Vuity is trying to treat the symptoms of presbyopia. Presbyopia is the natural process by which we lose our ability to read up close as we age. Presbyopia can start as early as the mid to late 30s! This occurs because tiny flexible zonules (essentially little strings) holding the natural lens in place within the eye get stiffer with age. This stiffness reduces the ability of the lens to change shape. This shape change in the lens is essentially what allows the focus of the eye to shift.

It is important to understand that everyone will become presbyopic, it is a normal part of the aging process. Vuity does not reverse this process. What Vuity does is shrink the size of the pupil to increase the depth of focus. When the depth of focus is increased, there is a longer area in which reading material can be seen. Sounds amazing, right?

The side effect profile of Vuity can be harsh. According to their data, eye redness and headaches are more common side effects. However, a deeper look shows risks listed such as impaired night driving vision and even retinal detachment (which is serious). Also, it appears that the drop only works for 4-6 hours. So, you may be able to have half the average work day without glasses, but then it will gradually wear off. Additional drops would be required to complete the day. But the problem is that as it’s wearing off, your reading prescription will gradually get worse! So either you will need to have multiple pairs of glasses, or you will gradually move your arm or computer further away from your face. That doesn’t sound as amazing.

Dr. Gupta feels that Vuity and other similar advancements definitely have their place, such as special occasions, vacations, etc. Dr. Gupta also finds it exciting that this is a new and innovative way at looking at a medication that has been around for many years! Pilocarpine, the active agent in Vuity, has been used as a glaucoma medication for many years.

If you’d like to have an in depth discussion about whether Vuity is right for you, please schedule a complete eye exam and we would be happy to discuss your options!

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