Cataract Screening Mississauga, ON

Unfortunately, our eyes change as we get older much as our bodies do. You may notice your vision changing for the worse. Oftentimes, our patients will come in complaining of symptoms similar to cataracts. This is one reason why our optometrists at Falcon Vision Centre encourage regular cataract screenings. What is involved with a cataract screening and how can this benefit your eyes? Continue reading to find out.

Cataract Screening
If you are experiencing blurred or cloudy vision, difficulty seeing at night or with bright lights, or if colors seem faded or yellow, then you may be experiencing cataracts. This is a condition caused by the eye’s lens hardening and becoming thicker. Unfortunately, it is an unavoidable condition that affects millions. Early detection allows for clearer vision with our optometrists at Falcon Vision Centre. During a dilated eye exam, we can determine whether or not cataracts are present and develop a treatment plan if needed.

Cataract Treatment
Our optometrists recommend cataract surgery only once it affects an individual’s quality of life or daily activities. If you are having increased difficulty or are unable to read or drive at night, then cataract surgery may be an option for you. Healing after your surgery will take up to eight weeks if that is the treatment you and your optometrist decide on. There are several helpful tips and habits you can begin to help your vision. Ask your optometrist during your next cataract screening.

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