Diabetic Eye Care Mississauga, ON

Our optometrists at Falcon Vision Centre are dedicated to providing patients the best quality of care in the Mississauga, ON area. We proudly offer a wide range of optic services to better serve you and your family. Several common medical conditions can have a negative impact on an individual’s eyes, including diabetes. Our professional staff offers diabetic eye care to our patients. Why is this so important and what is involved? Continue reading to learn more!

About Diabetic Eye Care
Doctors strongly encourage individuals with diabetes to have regular eye exams at least once a year with their optometrist. Our eye care professionals at Falcon Vision Centre endeavor to regularly work with an individual’s entire healthcare team in order to provide them with the highest standard of treatment. Research has shown that uncontrolled diabetes can prompt the formation of a cataract. Cataracts causes the eye’s lens to become cloudy and this leads to blurry vision. Different medications have also shown to form a cataract. Our optometrists will provide you with a dilated eye exam to detect any signs of vision loss early on. This helps them to get a better look at the retina of your eye. Controlling your blood pressure and blood sugar levels will decrease your risks of optic health problems such as glaucoma and cataracts. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to better protect yourself from eye problems involving diabetes. Talk to your optometrist for more information regarding different things you can do to prevent eye problems.

Your optic health is our greatest concern at Falcon Vision Centre. Call us today to set up your next appointment for an eye exam with our optometrist.

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