At Falcon Vision Centre in Mississauga, ON, our optic professional team strives to provide patients with only the highest quality of care available. We are experienced and trained with up and coming innovations in the optic field. Many of our patients suffer from dry eye. What is dry eye and how can you find relief if you are currently affected by it?

About Dry Eye Therapy

Many people have occasional and mild dry eye symptoms; over-the-counter eye drops have found to be very effective for milder symptoms. What if your symptoms are more persistent and recurring? Are there more treatment options? It is first important to figure out what is causing your dry eyes. Medications have been found to be the underlying cause to dry eyes. There are treatments available to improve your tear quality, reverse the condition, or to stop the tears from quickly draining away. Your optometrist may choose to prescribe you with a medication to help treat your dry eyes. These can help to the following:

  • Reduce eyelid inflammation
  • Act as artificial tears
  • Stimulate tears

Your optometrist can provide you with drops, ointments, or oral medication. Talk to them to see what treatment option would work best for your unique circumstances. They may suggest a variety of at-home options you can try to help protect your eyes. There is a wide range of treatments for dry eye symptoms. Until your next appointment, we recommend continuing using lubricating eye drops that help to lessen dry eye symptoms.

Contact your Falcon Vision Centre optometrist for more information regarding dry eye treatment options. Call us to schedule your next eye exam today!

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