Glasses and Contacts Mississauga, ON

It seems that the majority of individuals today rely on glasses and contacts to help them see. Many people actually depend on them to get through their day to day activities such as driving, work, and grocery shopping. Falcon Vision Centre’s professional optic team is expertly trained and continues to deepen their knowledge of the latest advancements in the optic field. We are prepared to treat and diagnose a wide range of eye problems. Many of these can be treated through the use of glasses and contacts.

Prescription Glasses and Contacts
We strive to educate and keep our patients informed regarding their eye health, eye disease, and preventative steps individuals can take. The more our patients know, the easier it will be for them to make informed decisions about their optic health. Your optometrist at Falcon Vision Centre can provide you with a comprehensive eye examination to help treat and diagnose any issues you may have. After this exam, they may prescribe you with glasses and contacts. Many individuals prefer using eyeglasses versus contacts. We encourage you to try and use whichever feels more comfortable and leaves you feeling the most confident. Falcon Vision Centre in Mississauga, ON provides a wide range of options in choosing a pair of eyeglasses. We want you to feel yourself in your personalized pair of glasses. Talk to your optometrist about more information regarding glasses and contacts.

Visit our clinic today to check out our wide range of options we have available in glasses. Contact a member of our staff for more information regarding prescriptions or getting an eye exam. We look forward to providing you and your family with the best quality of optic healthcare!

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