Occupational Field Testing

Our optometrists at Falcon Vision Centre in Mississauga, ON provides the community with occupational field testing and vision screenings. Many companies require these vision screenings and exams for their employees. This helps to ensure a safe workplace. Contact our clinic to schedule you or your employees next occupational vision screening. Continue reading on to find out what is involved in an exam.

Reasons for Vision Screenings
Vision screenings are typically a requirement that provides the company and worker with information to see what class of position they are most suited for. The screening also allows us to detect any undiagnosed disease or optic health issues an individual may have. Fixing and treating these diseases and issues can improve a worker’s productivity and performance. This benefits the company and the patient in their day to day life.

Our professional optic team will test visual acuity, color vision, binocular interaction, refractive error, and visual fields in each patient. These tests help to place an employee in an assignment that suits them best. The exam will be complete with each worker’s present prescriptions for optimal results. Similar to a regular screening, our clinic recommends occupational vision testing at least once a year. This allows every party to better track any possible changes in vision and health. Our highest priority is providing you with a safe environment and educating our patients on safety and preventative measures to better protect their optic health.

Contact Falcon Vision Centre in Mississauga, ON for more information regarding occupational vision testing for your workplace and necessary paperwork for employers. Call us to schedule your next eye exam and screening.

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