Smart Ways to Protect Your Child’s Eyes from Smart Screens

It’s common knowledge that staring at a screen for long periods of time can have short-term and long-term impacts on our eyes. The same applies to your children. When your children are young you can control how their eyes are being used. But as they grow, you have less power over those decisions.

Not to Worry: Your Child Isn’t the Only One

Sources have reported that children between the ages of 8-18 spend almost eight hours a day with their noses buried in some type of technology, and that the numbers have increased from 38% to 72% in recent years.

The Big Question: Why Should You Protect Your Kids’ Eyes?

The answer is as simple as two word: eye strain. And this eye strain can lead to headaches, fatigue, tired eyes, and blurred vision – all of which could impact their effectiveness in the classroom.

Other Culprits? Sunshine and Artificial Light!

Sunlight can be damaging to eyes, but blue light, which is emitted from artificial sources like fluorescent lights and mobile devices is still more harmful because our eyes are exposed to it for longer periods of time.

The Good News About Blue Light

Some blue light exposure is vital for good health. Blue light can boost our mood and give us more energy for cognitive function.

The Bad News About Blue Light

Blue light affects our natural sleep cycle, sending incorrect messages to our brain, and thereby causing tiredness and fatigue. This is especially important to keep in mind when technology is used around toddlers since their sleep cycles are still being developed.

Blue Light is Okay to Use, But Protect…and Then Protect Some More

Screens and their associated blue light will probably never go away, so it’s important to consider options to protect the eyes of children. One of those options is glasses that have a special lens coating that will filter out blue light. This coating can be used on glasses even if your child doesn’t need a prescription correction.

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