The Easy Guide To Cataract Surgery Recovery

Cataract surgery is a routine, and a simple procure for the restoration of vision which affected due to cataract. Though the treatment is simple, aftercare is vital towards ensuring that your eye recovers well.

Here is some easy guide to cataract surgery recovery:

  • Have Someone To Drive You and Help Out

You will not be able to drive yourself back home post cataract surgery. It is advised that you have someone drive your back or book a taxi to return home from the clinic. You also need to avoiding cooking for a couple of days post your cataract surgery.

  • Use Your Eye Shield at Night

It is advised to wear an eye guard while sleeping at night. It helps in preventing your eye from rubbing against your pillow or bed. Your eye is vulnerable to infection during recovery and touching your eyes with any foreign objects can enhance the chances of infections and other complications.

  • Stick to Light Activity

You need to avoid heavy physical activities for a couple of weeks after your cataract surgery. This includes exercising or lifting and moving heavy objects. This helps in preventing any form of accident or compilation. Consult your doctor about when can you get back to your regular routine.

  • Keep Irritants Away from Your Eye Use

During your recovery period, you need to keep irritants such as dirt and dust away from your face and eyes. This also means not using make-up and avoid getting water in your eyes, mainly during showering and washing your face.

Most doctors will also recommend you to avoid swimming as chlorine is also a common irritant present in pool water which can enhance the chances of complication or infection.

  • Prescriptions as Instructed and Follow Up With Your Doctor

You need to follow the prescribed anti-inflammatory eye drops and antibiotics that are prescribed by your doctor, both before and after the surgery. These help in protecting your eyes from infections. In case you are experiencing any difficulties or complication during your recovery period, contact your doctor immediately.

To know more about improving your eye-sight, recovering your lost vision due to cataracts and keeping a healthy vision, contact Falcon Vision Care.

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