The Importance Of Eye Exams

Similar to our annual health check-ups, a routine eye examination is also important for your overall well-being and health. Routine eye exams ensure your eyes vision remains in a healthy condition and in case you are experiencing any issues, these can be handled before they escalate.

We, at Falcon Vision Centre, recommend a routine eye examination for the following reasons:

Updated Prescriptions

In case you are wearing corrective lenses such as spectacles and contact lenses, for astigmatism, far-sightedness or near-sightedness, your prescription can change over time. Patients need to adjust their prescription as they grow older, mainly due to the high probability of developing age-related eye-conditions, like cataracts.

Routine eye check-ups help you obtain an updated prescription which helps you to avoid straining your eyes and continue to enjoy a clear vision.

Early Detection of Eye Diseases

Regular eye exams aid in the early detection of eye diseases. This helps you to receive an early treatment before the disease, or the infection can aggravate, leading to loss of vision and other eye problems. While people of all ages should get regular eye check-ups, the risk of eye disease and infection increases as you age due to macular degeneration related to age.

Patients should keep in mind that early detection can prevent growth or slow down the progression of the eye disease, which can hurt your vision.

Signs of Other Diseases

Falcon Vision Centre recommends regular eye check-ups as these can also help your doctor detect the possibility of other diseases. For instance, health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be detected during an eye check-up. Early detection of these health-related issues can enable your doctor to provide you the required treatment towards ensuring and allowing you to live a healthy life.

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