Time for New Glasses?

Do you wear glasses? Did you know that you need to replace the glasses every one or two year? It has been found that many people are averse to the idea of making a switch because of high cost of doctor’s frames and lenses.

5 reasons to replace your old glasses

  • Blurred lines

As you grow up and your eyes age, your vision changes. If you are not able to view as clearly as before from your old glasses, it’s time to change your glasses. You need to get your eye examined for new glasses as living with a blurred vision can put strain on your eyes along with headache. It can also deteriorate your vision in long run.

  • Scratched lenses

Even though you take proper care of your glasses and keep them in case when not in use, the lenses get scratched because of the natural wear and tear. This makes your view distorted and reduces clarity. It’s better to get the glasses replaced with a new one from optometrist near Mississauga, ON.

  • Outdated optics

Apart from functional benefits, you also need to consider aesthetic appeal of the glasses. Wearing decade-old glasses can make you appear old and someone who doesn’t keep up with recent trend. Replacing your glasses with a modern frame that suits your style will give you a younger look and update your style.

  • Uncomfortable specs

If your glasses have an ill-fitting that causes twitch or fuss, it is time you replace them with glasses that fit better so that you can focus on your work. Ill-fitting frames can also lead to headaches.

  • Glare despair

If you are wearing older glasses, they may not have anti-reflective coating which is found in new glasses. The coating not only improves durability but also prevents excessive glare. Excess glare can put strain on eyes and reflecting light can trouble while driving at night. Wearing no-glare or polarized lenses helps in minimizing glare.

These reasons make it imperative for you to update your glasses at a vision center near ON 6980.

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